by Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance

Help us raise at least $7500 by Dec. 31st and generous donors will match that donation, doubling your impact.

We have a challenge
If we can raise at least $7500 between now and December 31,  generous donors will match that donation with their own gifts of up to $7500.  If you Donate today, your impact will be doubled.  Will you join us and support our work?
We are in this together ...
All of us living with lobular breast cancer ... or who love someone struggling with this disease ... understand the challenges of having breast cancer that is different.

Many of us followed the rules and got regular mammograms ... only to discover that ILC is often missed on mammograms when our disease was caught late ... and sometimes advanced.
Many of us struggled to find quality information on ILC.  We wanted to ask good questions of our doctors and make the right treatment decisions ... only to find gaps in information and research and we were left with unanswered questions.
Many of us wondered ... is this treatment right for me?  Because we know that ILC is different ... yet it is treated the same as ductal cancers.
Please Join Us ...  Double Your Impact Today
The Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance was formed by patients living with lobular breast disease.  We have the support of an outstanding Scientific Advisory Board of leading researchers and clinicians focused on ILC.

We are a new organization.  We are all volunteers.  We do not do this for salary, and many of our costs - to build the website or travel to meet researchers - have been out of pocket.

But we can't do this alone.  We ask you to join us ... because we are in this together.
Double Down on Lobular Breast Cancer
Right now, thanks to this matching gift, your tax deductible contribution to LBCA will be worth twice as much.

Your gift will mean LBCA advocates can work to advance research into ILC.  We can meet with researchers to advocate for new research to identify targeted therapies.  We can ask that ILC be included in large research studies.  We can partner with researchers to launch more clinical trials to refine the best treatments for ILC.

Your gift will mean we can continue to educate about ILC.  It will help us maintain and build our website.  It will help us create educational opportunities and materials - so quality information about lobular breast cancer is easier to find.  It will help raise the profile of ILC in the breast cancer community, so lobular breast cancer is brought out of the shadows and into the spotlight.
P.S.:  Prefer to send a check than give online?  No problem.  Send a check payable to our fiscal sponsor - Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs and mail it to 23532 Calabasas Rd., Suite A Calabasas, CA  91302.  Please write LBCA in the memo line so the funds go to us.  

Thank you for your support.